Our Solutions

For Business Owners

Whether a business is looking to accelerate growth through a capital partnership or entrepreneurs desire a liquidity event to further diversify their personal holdings, understand it is paramount for owners to take care of their relationships with employees, customers, and suppliers.

Dynamic, Unique Approach

We have significant flexibility to structure transactions that meet the needs of entrepreneurs. Our permanent capital base allows us to put the business first and not be subject to fund lifecycles or arbitrary timelines that breed decisions which may not be in the company’s best interest.

A True Partnership

We recognize that each business brings unique characteristics that require a targeted, specialized approach. ECC’s investment and operating professionals work with management to create the right solutions that optimize performance.

Longstanding Industry Relationships

We have access to a deep bench of experienced operators within our market who offer strategic guidance backed by years of operational and managerial experience. Access to industry contacts at Fortune 1000 companies and leading corporations also consistently generates organic opportunities that contribute to the continued growth of business.

For Advisors

We understand that identifying the best overall solution for each client is the primary mandate of any advisor. Finding a buyer that is aligned with the objectives of your client is often just as important as valuation. Reputation matters and we believe working with an investment firm that is fair and transparent provides certainty and a better outcome for all parties. Our heritage and experienced team seek to provide a superior solution for business owners.

Track Record of Success

We are experienced investors who know what it takes to be successful in the lower-middle market. We partner with successful business owners and managers to provide liquidity today and create stronger, more valuable companies in the future.

Certainty of Closing

We are responsive throughout this process to ensure alignment and promote certainty. We are selective and, as a result, have high conviction with regard to the opportunities we choose to pursue. We are often able to submit offers not subject to third-party financing contingencies, allowing us to put our best foot forward and maintain process momentum.

Transactional Flexibility

Our firm’s permanent capital structure allows for creative capital and financing solutions for unique situations. Our team conducts meticulous due diligence to figure out the most advantageous solution for both the company and ECC that is well-aligned with both parties’ interests.

For Independent Sponsors

We welcome opportunities to partner with top-tier independent sponsors and experienced operators using structured debt and equity arrangements that align the interests of the independent sponsor and ECC. Our solutions, which combine friendly debt with a tranche of equity, simplify the transaction and can provide favorable sponsor economics relative to traditional capital structures.